Lithuanian Citizenship

Top Advantages of Getting Lithuanian Citizenship

August 17, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

The Law on Citizenship governs the prerequisites and process for gaining Lithuanian citizenship. There are three methods for foreigners to get citizenship in Lithuania: naturalization, exceptional merit, and restoration. The conditions of registration and prerequisites for candidates vary in each situation. In this case, the most straightforward course of action is to restore citizenship.

What are the benefits of Lithuanian citizenship?

The following benefits of Lithuanian citizenship come with having a Lithuanian passport:

  • Being a citizen of Lithuania provides access to several economic prospects, particularly inside the EU. The ability to start firms, access employment markets, and take advantage of the benefits of being a part of the broader European economy are all advantages for citizens.
  • Citizenship in Lithuania binds people to their cultural identity and heritage. It enables people to contribute to and maintain their nation’s rich historical and cultural legacy and participate in Lithuanian cultural events, festivals, and customs.
  • With various scholarships, grants, and reduced tuition rates available to them, Lithuanian citizens can pursue higher education there. Additionally, they could have equal access to educational opportunities in other EU nations, such as Erasmus+ exchange programs, as do local people.
  • Under specific conditions, Lithuania permits dual citizenship, which enables people to keep their present citizenship while simultaneously obtaining Lithuanian citizenship. The advantages of dual citizenship include the ability to travel without a visa and access to international employment.

Moreover, the advantages of Lithuanian citizenship might change based on unique demands and circumstances.

How long does the process of restoring Lithuanian citizenship take?

The length of the citizenship restoration procedure might vary and depends on several things. The standard processing period is from six to twelve months. However, it occasionally takes longer. The precise duration will vary depending on the application’s completion level, the appropriate agencies’ workload, and any extra paperwork or information needed. For further information and updates on the citizenship restoration procedure, it is advised that you get in touch with the Lithuanian Migration Department. If you consult the company that helps people with citizenship, you will have a clearer understanding of all procedures and timelines. With the help of experts, it is easier to handle the application process and to deal with intricate details. The specialists will help you avoid mistakes in the application and will shed some light on problematic moments.