Top Three Institutional Investors in Amazon Company

Top Three Institutional Investors in Amazon Company

November 9, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Amazon is a very big company. There are thousands of people who are a part of this company. These people are known as shareholders. If they don’t purchase the shares of this company, then it won’t be able to function in the market.

Along with local shareholders, there are many people who invest in this company via firms. These people are known as institutional investors. If you think that only individual shareholders buy Amazon stock, then you are wrong.

Institutional investors are a major part of the company. An institutional investor is a company or a firm who invest in shares. This entity pools a large amount of money to buy a share in a large quantity. It can be a back, unions, companies, firms, agencies, etc.

Top 3 Institutional Investors:

There are many institutional investors who invest in Amazon Stock as it is one of the biggest company many first buy their shares. Here are some of the institutional investors who hold most of the shares of the company.

Advisor Group Inc.:

It is a very popular brokerage company. They are Amazon’s biggest institutional shareholder. They offer various services to the people. Some of the services are asset management and investment advisory. This company has $296.7 billion of assets in management. They have a very strong network of firms. These are independent wealth management firms. They own nearly 35.4 million shares in Amazon. Their stock percentage is 7.1%.

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Vanguard Group Inc.:

They are the second-highest Institutional Shareholder in Amazon. This company provides services like EFTs, retirement products and mutual funds. It is a mutual fund company. They have $6.2 trillion worth assets in management. This group own 33 million shares in Amazon. They have a total of 6.6% shares in Amazon. This company’s clients can directly invest in Amazon shares. They can do it via VCR. Amazon is their largest holding. More than 21.3% shares in the portfolio belong to Amazon.

Black Rock Inc.:

It is an asset management company. They sell various popular shares to the investors. They sell shares and EFT products. They are the biggest asset managers. It is a mutual funds company. They have a total of $6.47 trillion in AUM. They own nearly 27 million shares in Amazon. These shares account for 5.4% of the company. Amazon shares are one of their largest holdings. Most of their clients invest in Amazon shares. It makes up to 10.4% of the funds they hold.

These are the three biggest institutional shareholders on Amazon Company. After Jeff Bezos, these three companies hold most of Amazon’s shares in the market. You can check its releases at before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.