Types Of Law Practices

August 27, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

There are many different types of law and many different areas within each one. If you are considering going into law in some form or fashion it will be helpful to decide what kind of law you would like to practice or at least narrow it down.


Immigration law focuses, of course, on issues surrounding immigration. Someone may hire an immigration attorney or Tully Rinckey for a case involving refugees or asylum seekers, for the obtaining or renewing of visas or if they are helping recent immigrants get jobs or start businesses.


Environmental law deals with the regulation and protection of natural resources and the environment. The use of public land, air quality, waste disposal, mining and oil drilling are all things that would be handled under environmental law. Attorneys who work in this field are likely to be hired by various groups whose interest is in protecting the environment They may also be hired by government agencies.

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Criminal law deals with anything related to laws and regulations that are broken by people. Everything from petty theft to murder and tax evasion is managed by criminal lawyers. Different aspects of a case, like the prosecution and the defense, all fall under criminal law. You would want to hire a criminal lawyer, a defense attorney or Tully Rinckey law if you were involved in a crime, either as the perpetrator or the victim.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law regulates everything that pertains to intellectual property. This could involve copyrights or patents, anything that is published, invented or produced by someone. It also deals with international trade negotiations.

Having a specialty or area of expertise is important for an attorney. It will help you become even more knowledgeable and skilled in your area and you will be better able to meet your clients’ needs.