Up to 250K Ford Explorers Recalled for Roll-Away Risk

Up to 250K Ford Explorers Recalled for Roll-Away Risk

May 20, 2022 Off By Glespynorson

In early 2022, Ford announced a recall for up to a quarter-million Ford Explorers because a mechanical problem has been identified that can cause the SUV to roll away even when the transmission is in the “park” position.

A bolt in the rear axle can fracture. When this happens, the driveshaft can disconnect, causing the vehicle to roll away when parked. If the parking brake is engaged, the vehicles do not have this issue.

Various 2020-2022 Ford Explorer models are affected, including:

  • Explorer Hybrid
  • Explorer Plug-In Hybrid
  • Explorer Police Interceptor
  • Explorer Police Interceptor Hybrid

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Ford dealers will replace or update the electronic parking brake mechanisms free of charge. If you own an affected vehicle, you should expect a notification to come through the regular mail beginning June 6, 2022.

Can the California Lemon Law help if my Ford Explorer is defective?

If you have experienced other problems with your Ford Explorer and are wondering if you have any recourse, the answer may be “yes!” The California lemon law protects many consumers who have purchased or leased Ford cars or trucks. The law may also cover you if you are active duty military with any connection to California.

The California lemon law requires car manufacturing companies to buy back or replace cars or trucks that are affected by warranty defects that are not fixed in a reasonable number of attempts.

So if you purchased a Ford Explorer that qualifies as a “lemon” under California law, you can get your money back for your purchase and you won’t owe anything for your legal fees.

When Should I Hire a Lemon Law Lawyer in Los Angeles?

California established lemon laws to protect buyers from defective cars and trucks. Trying to take on a motor vehicle manufacturer on your own can be a maddening endeavor. Often they work to manipulate you into attempting another repair rather than acknowledging that your vehicle is a lemon.

A lemon lawyer in Los Angeles can help protect your rights. When manufacturers resist compliance with the lemon law, you need someone on your side who recognizes their efforts and can respond legally. Lemon law lawyers can help you get a fair refund and force the motor vehicle manufacturer to comply with their obligations.

Other Advantages to Hiring a Lemon Law Lawyer in Los Angeles

Lemon laws are meant to protect consumers from manufacturers who might take advantage of them. But this doesn’t mean that automakers and their agents won’t exploit you. Lemon law attorneys can help protect your rights as a consumer.

In addition, there are other ways a lemon law lawyer can help you.

Legal Advice

A lemon law lawyer in Los Angeles can provide you with legal advice. This is valuable because many people are not sure what to do or what actions to take. Feeling lost is time-consuming. A lawyer can provide legal advice and point you in the right direction.

A Stronger Case

Hiring a lawyer can result in you having a stronger case. Lawyers understand the law and the legal process. They can use that knowledge for your benefit. Hiring a lawyer who understands what it takes to build a strong case can lead to your increased chances of having a successful lawsuit.

Lawyer’s Fees Are Paid

In a breach-of-contract issue like the California lemon law, the vehicle manufacturer is responsible for paying the legal fees. This is beneficial to you — the automaker may not give as much time or effort to your case since they know they are responsible for paying the bill.

Compensation for You

Ultimately, you are suing the vehicle manufacturer to get compensation. This may come in the form of a new car, truck, or SUV. It could come in the form of a financial award.

Whatever the reason, if you’ve been a victim of a warranty breach, you should pursue justice. It is not your responsibility to lose time for repairs and lose money for fixes that will not work.

Call a Lemon Law Lawyer in Los Angeles for Help

Auto manufacturers have seemingly endless resources to protect them from owning up to their responsibilities. You can level the playing field by hiring an attorney who will protect your rights with the same vigor that the auto-makers enjoy from their legal representation.