Ways To Obtain Security Disability Benefits

Ways To Obtain Security Disability Benefits

April 30, 2022 Off By Glespynorson

People with mental and physical disabilities often face difficulty finding employment. Even if they do, it is a challenge to hold down a job and provide care for themselves and their families. The inability to find employment and living with disabilities has serious social implications for individuals. Much as we have progressed as a society, we still tend to think of persons with disabilities as a liability to organizational development. To bring some relief, the US government has made it possible for people with disabilities (mental and physical) to be eligible for social security disability benefits and live a life of dignity and financial stability.

However, one must qualify to receive these benefits given in the form of monthly income. Every case is different and has its measure of meeting the requirement to be qualified. If an individual qualifies, then this financial support is disbursed under two federal government schemes.

Social Security Disability Benefits Schemes 

  • Social security disability insurance (SSDI): A person is eligible for financial support if he has been unable to work for at least 12 months due to a certain mental and physical disability. SSDI is generally a contributory effort along with previously earned income. It is a qualifiable insurance benefit. But it must be taken into consideration that this is only one of the prerequisites to qualify for SSDI benefits and that the Social Security Administration is known to reject multiple applications. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the service of an attorney who knows the legal processes thoroughly and can also file appeals for claims that have been rejected previously. Any individual who can legitimately prove their disability can claim SSDI, irrespective of their income. Therefore, a person with a disability might look for an experienced social security disability lawyer.
  • Supplemental security income (SSI): SSI is also a social security disability benefits program that requires proven mental and physical disability. Any adult, child, or senior citizen is eligible if their income is below government-approved income slabs, which indicate financial and employment stability. However, the higher the income and assets, the more difficult it is to be eligible for SSI benefits. Here too, a qualified attorney who has the know-how of legal procedures can help to get the required claims and make further appeals if the previous requests had been turned down.

Legal aid to claim monetary benefits: Research has shown that individuals are more likely to have their social security disability benefits claim approved when represented by an attorney. Not only does a professional legal firm or attorney understand the documentation required for filing such claims, but they are also aware of the processes involved in making a higher appeal if the earlier claim is rejected. For most cases in SSDI and SSI, the major problem arrives in proving unemployment caused by significant mental and physical disability. An attorney can also accurately study individual cases and do the legwork for proving disabilities. Seeking legal aid is perhaps the most secure and sure-shot way of receiving SSDI and SSI benefits, especially when the administration is known not to process and approve claims unless represented by an attorney.