WeVC: Pioneering Blockchain Investment for All

WeVC: Pioneering Blockchain Investment for All

June 18, 2024 Off By Glespynorson


As the first UK institutional asset manager focused exclusively on blockchain technology, WeVC stands at the forefront of a financial revolution. Since our inception on April 29, 2020, and our full legalization on April 29, 2024, we have been committed to driving innovation and adoption in the blockchain space. With four years of investing and building experience, we offer unparalleled access and influence to help crypto teams with global aspirations achieve their goals. Now, we are excited to open our venture capital opportunities to small and medium investors, with investment options starting as low as $50.

WeVC’s Evolution and Expertise

A Historical Milestone in Blockchain Investment

WeVC’s journey began on April 29, 2020, marking a significant milestone as the first UK institutional asset manager dedicated to blockchain technology. Our commitment to this emerging field is rooted in our belief in its transformative potential. Over the past four years, we have cultivated a deep understanding of the blockchain ecosystem, leveraging our expertise to support and accelerate the growth of innovative projects.

Legalization and Commitment to Trust

On April 29, 2024, Venture Capitalist achieved full legalization, reinforcing our commitment to operating within the highest standards of regulatory compliance and transparency. This milestone solidifies our position as a trusted and secure partner for blockchain investments, offering peace of mind to our investors and portfolio companies alike.

Empowering Small and Medium Investors

Democratizing Access to Venture Capital

WeVC is proud to democratize access to venture capital by welcoming small and medium investors into our fold. Recognizing the need for inclusive investment opportunities, we have lowered the barrier to entry, allowing individuals to participate with investments as modest as $50. This approach ensures that a broader range of investors can contribute to and benefit from the burgeoning blockchain sector.

Strategic Advantages for All Investors

By opening our doors to small and medium investors, WeVC provides a unique opportunity to participate in the growth of pioneering blockchain companies. Investors benefit from our extensive industry knowledge, strategic guidance, and a well-established network that facilitates innovation and adoption. Our inclusive investment model aligns with our mission to foster a vibrant and diverse blockchain ecosystem.

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Comprehensive Support for Blockchain Ventures

Access to a Global Network

WeVC’s extensive network of industry professionals, investors, and thought leaders is one of our greatest assets. Our connections span across key sectors, including finance, technology, and regulatory bodies, providing our portfolio companies with the resources and relationships needed to thrive. This global network is instrumental in driving the adoption of blockchain innovations on a worldwide scale.

Tailored Guidance and Mentorship

WeVC offers personalized mentorship and guidance to each of our portfolio companies. Our team works closely with founders to identify critical milestones, navigate challenges, and seize opportunities. This tailored approach ensures that each project receives the support necessary to achieve its unique vision and goals.

Promoting Innovation and Adoption

Our commitment to promoting blockchain innovation extends beyond financial support. We actively share the success stories of our portfolio companies, enhancing their visibility and reputation within the industry. By showcasing these achievements, WeVC contributes to the broader narrative of blockchain adoption and encourages further innovation.


WeVC’s pioneering approach as the first UK institutional asset manager exclusively focused on blockchain technology sets us apart in the investment landscape. With our legalization, deep industry expertise, and commitment to inclusivity, we are uniquely positioned to drive the next wave of blockchain innovation. By opening our venture capital opportunities to small and medium investors, we democratize access to this transformative technology, fostering a diverse and dynamic ecosystem. Join us on this exciting journey and be part of the future of blockchain.