What Are Child Abductions?

What Are Child Abductions?

November 4, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Child abductions are more popular these days than they should be. Just one child abduction is too many. Whenever a child is taken from one place to another without the consent of a parent or a legal guardian it can be considered an abduction. Sometimes kids get caught up in between the fight of two parents and one of them takes the child away. Other times sick people stalk them and forcefully kidnap them. In any event, kids should never be taken advantage of. It is our duty as grown-ups to protect them and look out for them.

Avoiding Child Abductions Before They Happen

Although it is probably difficult to prevent all domestic fights and arguments, we can do our parts as human beings to keep youngsters from getting sucked into parental problems. Aside from family problems, there is the issue of convicted sex offenders living in our neighborhoods. Sex offenders can be a dangerous threat. Kids Live Safe is a wonderful organization that has the mission to keep children safe from sexual predators and child abductors. Kids Live Safe provides services and valuable tools that help to keep parents and guardians informed.

Some Chilling Child Abduction Facts

Although most of the missing children that are reported end up being found safe and sound, there are many of them that never return home. Some children get sold into sex trafficking organizations, some become victims of pedophiles that hurt them, and some are never found. Being aware of who is around our children at all times is crucial and can save lives.

Find Threats In Your Neighborhood

Kids Live Safe is an organization that is passionate about protecting children and loved ones from possible sexual threats. Know your neighbors. Finding potential child abductors in your neighborhood is a lot easier than you could believe. You can look for registered sex offenders and dangerous pedophiles then find information within just a couple of minutes. You can search for results near your address, postal code, or someone else’s address by simply typing the information into the search box. With Kids Live Safe you get the whole story because they provide all of the public information on the subject, not just sex offenses.

Get Fresh Updates

When you join Kids Live Safe you get to sign up for updates that automatically get sent to you so that you know when a convicted child molester moves within five miles of you. You will know their names, where they live, and the offenses they have been convicted for. This way you can keep an eye on them and be prepared for any problems that may arise.

Get Quick Results

There are many ways you can use the Kids Live Safe tools to get the information that you need. Here are just a few of the ways:

  • Browse by Area, City, Zip Code, or Address
  • Name
  • Alias Name
  • Use Mobile Device’s GPS¬†

Kids Live Safe Provides:

  • Access to over 300 million people documents
  • Access to over 755,000 registered sex offender documents
  • Access to over 550 million phone documents
  • Data from numerous resources surpassing government-operated sex offender registry sites

Other Information that Kids Live Safe Provides

Kids Live Safe provides you access to lots of public info. It doesn’t stop with mere signed up sex offender info. Federal government documents suggest that any kind of info that is available regarding a person, or company is most likely stored in our data sources.

  • Arrest History
  • Financial History
  • Employers
  • Affiliations
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Relatives
  • Associates

Kids Live Safe is a great resource for families that want to be part of the solution against child abductions. Having accurate information and the tools to stay updated can save lives and help communities everywhere stay safe.