What Areas Do Family Law Solicitors Specialise In?

What Areas Do Family Law Solicitors Specialise In?

November 6, 2019 Off By Glespynorson

Family law covers a broad range of different issues including divorce and separation, financial claims, domestic violence and prenuptial and cohabitation agreements. Solicitors that specialise in this area are trained legal experts who can offer advice and service based on years of experience. They spend their time helping and guiding people through the legal implications related to a difficult period that they are going through in their personal lives. When it comes to this specialism of law, family law solicitors handle situations in a delicate and compassionate way. This is to ensure they act in the best interests of their clients and achieve the best results on their behalf. During this short, but insightful article we are going to cover the different areas that family law solicitors cover and what’s involved each one.


Divorce and the breakdown in a relationship is when legal assistance and advice is most needed. It takes the skills and experience of a family law solicitor to navigate the legal process of divorce, to negotiate a settlement and make arrangements for both parties involved. A good family law solicitor can reduce the emotional stress involved and take a considerable amount of weight off your shoulders.

Domestic Violence 

If you have fallen victim to domestic violence, then legal assistance from a family law solicitor is crucial. They can help with the legal aspects to keep you, and your children protected from harm and offer compassionate advice to help you move onto the next chapter of your life.


A cohabitation agreement is quite similar to a prenuptial agreement. It basically protects the rights of couples that are not married and have many shared assets.

Marriage and Civil Partnership

If you are your partner are planning to get married or enter a civil partnership, you might want to make legal arrangements beforehand. For example, a prenuptial agreement protects your property and finances in case of divorce or separation. If your relationship breaks down, the agreement will outline which party gets what and how the assets will be divided. A family law solicitor can advise you on how to set your wish down in a prenuptial agreement, as well as how to ensure the best outcome for both parties.

Parental Responsibility 

Parental responsibility refers to the legal rights and responsibilities that a parent has for their child, as well as the property that the child owns. If you want to have a say in the decisions in your child’s life, from what school they go to where they live, you will need to determine parental responsibility and a family law solicitor can help you do that.

Child Custody 

Child custody is one of the biggest problems that arise from divorce or separation. Where your children will live, which parent will primarily look after them, and how the arrangement are split are important matters that need to be determined for the good of their welfare. These arrangements can be difficult to agree on when a couple are at loggerheads with one another. A family law solicitor can help navigate through this issue and work with you to reach an agreement that has your children’s best interests at heart.

Child Protection

The courts are more often than not involved when it comes to protecting children from harm. In this situation, a family law solicitor is required to help protect the child’s rights and navigate entire the family towards an outcome that is both positive and practical.


The process of adoption can often be a complicated and drawn-out process. It causes people frustration who just want to adopt a child. Experienced family law solicitors can help make the process easier by taking care of the complicated paperwork and help you around any obstacles that you encounter along the way.

Seek Advice If You Need It

If you are concerned about any of the areas that we have mentioned throughout this article, then seek legal advice from a team of experienced family law solicitors. Even the most complex cases where are children involved or if you simply cannot come to an agreement over a property can be resolved by a family law solicitor.