What Do Different Types of Criminal Lawyers Deal with?

What Do Different Types of Criminal Lawyers Deal with?

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Criminal lawyers from Galliandefensefirm represent people who are facing charges like assault, homicide, and sexual abuse. Their job is to present pieces of evidence proving that the defendants are innocents. It is crucial to find lawyers specializing in criminal cases because they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to handle them.

Lawyers in this particular field play a significant role in the administration of justice and society in general. Their primary job is leveraging the law to ensure that the basic rights and liberties of clients are upheld. They know about the rules that govern arrest, pleas, arraignment, bail, evidence, and other related matters.  If you are in California, a San Diego criminal defense attorney with an exemplary reputation can help you win your case.

Types of Criminal Lawyers

There are two primary kinds of criminal defense attorneys:

  • Criminal defense lawyer – Under the Department of Justice in California, the job of a criminal lawyer is to prove to the court that there is no sufficient proof that suggests that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Prosecutor – They are lawyers that represent the government and do the opposite job of the criminal defense attorneys.

In addition, criminal lawyers can be further categorized into the following:

  • Public defenders – The task of public defenders is to represent people who cannot afford to pay a private lawyer or provide advice on low-quality cases.
  • Private lawyers – Private lawyers represent clients who can afford to pay for their services.
  • District lawyers – They are employed by the government to prosecute people who committed serious cases.
  • Panel lawyers – Governments form a group of private defense lawyers to do certain functions complementary to public defenders.
  • Legal aid – They are lawyers that non-profit organizations hire to represent their indigent clients.

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Cases that Criminal Defense Lawyers Deal with

Generally, there are seven kinds of offenses that criminal lawyers can expertly handle:

  • Violent crime cases – They are the most common cases that criminal attorneys deal with. These cases involve robbery, rape, murder, and manslaughter.
  • Disorderly conduct cases – Any action that caused public disturbance is considered misconduct. While the classification of disorderly conduct depends on the particular state, the criminal lawyer will do everything in his power to ensure that the client gets a fair trial and his rights are not violated during the judicial process.
  • Drug abuse cases – These cases involve unlawful manufacturing, use, or possession of illegal addicting substances.
  • Alcohol-related cases – They are cases that have to do with intoxicating alcohol. It may involve selling, buying, or making alcoholic beverages, driving under the influence of alcohol, and drunkenness.
  • Family offenses – They are criminal cases that include physical, mental, economic, and other violent acts that endanger a family member. It also involves different types of sex offenses.
  • Fraud cases – These crimes typically involve massive financial loss such as inheritance scams, identity theft, or lottery scam.
  • Property cases – They involve burglary, arson, larceny-theft, and vehicle theft.

Specific Tasks that Criminal Defense Lawyers Do

Depending on the unique circumstances of the case, criminal defense lawyers do the following:

  • conduct interviews with the eyewitnesses
  • choosing the right witnesses for the trial
  • meeting with the prosecution or the judge to discuss the criminal case
  • doing legal researches and gathering evidence
  • making a motion for the dismissal of the case

In case you are guilty of the crime, and you are ready to plead guilty, your lawyer will work to get the best plea deal for you.


Hiring the best defense attorney to help you clear your name against an accusation is your best option. This will help you get out of the mess and change your life drastically.