What Do You Do When Involved In A Car Accident?

What Do You Do When Involved In A Car Accident?

October 31, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Many people often panic when involved in a car accident. That is normal; however, knowing what to do immediately after helps determine the accident’s aftermath. When you are involved in a car accident, try not to panic and do your best to stay calm. Here are the stages you should follow to ensure you are on the safe side when making a compensation claim against the fault driver.

Check Yourself For Injuries.

Health comes first in the case of an accident. Check yourself for injuries if you are still conscious and check the others too. If anyone is injured, call the ambulance immediately. The medical personnel will facilitate first aid to the injured people and take them to the hospital for further examination. Have yourself examined, even if you are okay.

Keep Your Distance From The Accident Scene.

We have seen cases of cars blowing up shortly after a crash or an accident. That not only happens in movies but in real life as well. It would help if you kept your distance from the scene of the accident but did not leave. Put up accident triangles to notify oncoming vehicles of an accident ahead to prevent further damage.

Call The Police

Do not leave the scene until the law has arrived. Leaving could implicate you further, and falsified statements may be given in your absence to implicate you as the fault driver. When the officer comes, provide a detailed account of the accident, ensuring you do not leave any minor detail out. Be there as the others give their statement to ensure no one gives falsified information. The police officer will document the information for an accident report and tell you the way forward. Ensure you take the accident report number before you leave.

Collect Evidence

It is also essential to collect your evidence from the accident scene. If you have a smartphone, the better. Take photos and record videos and audios since they will be helpful if you will be filing a case. Also, write down the number plates of the cars involved, the insurance companies, collect the other driver’s telephone number or address and if there are witnesses, request for their contacts as well. You may need to look for them to give testimonials when you file the case. When you take photos and videos, ensure you have a way to prove you took them during that particular date and time.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Notify your insurance company of the accident by calling them or sending them the photos in advance. That way, when you head to their office to claim the compensation, you will have an easy time since they already know of the accident. They will also be able to give you a way forward after that.

Seek Medical Attention

Car Accident

You never know if you have internal injuries after an accident, especially if you feel okay. You may have suffered internal bleeding or a brain injury that can take a while to manifest. It is vital to seek a medical examination immediately after. The doctor will examine you for any form of injury and treat you appropriately.

Contact An Injury Lawyer.

If you want to file a compensation claim for the accident, contact an injury attorney who will help you with the case. An experienced injury attorney will help you determine the amount of compensation you rightfully deserve and initiate the court process of seeking it as you deal with the accident’s aftermath.