What is Classed as a Personal Injury?

What is Classed as a Personal Injury?

April 4, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

Accidents happen all the time, and they can sometimes result in injuries. However, there are situations where you might get injured due to somebody else’s negligence.

It can be hard to determine whether your physical trauma is classified as a personal injury and whether it’s worthy of a personal injury claim. Several different types of injury fall into the ‘personal injury’ category, and learning more about these will enable you to determine whether you should make a claim following an injury.

What Types of Injuries Are Personal Injuries?

Below are some of the different kinds of injuries that fall under the personal injury category.

Medical malpractice and birth injuries

Accidents happen, and they’re not always preventable. However, in some situations, people sustain injuries because of a healthcare professional’s negligence.

If you’ve recently had a medical procedure and the surgeon or doctor made a serious mistake that resulted in an injury, you could be able to make a personal injury claim. The same would apply if you received an injury during birth that you believe was due to the negligence of one of the doctors or midwives who delivered you.

If you win your personal injury claim, you may be entitled to compensation for your physical injuries and any associated psychological trauma.

Auto accident injuries

Driving carries a significant risk of accidents and injuries, especially when drunk drivers are involved. Some of these injuries can be major or minor, and they could leave you with permanent disabilities.

If you’re injured in a road traffic collision, you can work with one of the Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers to file a claim against the driver responsible for the accident. Compensation is usually higher for more serious or permanent personal injuries.

Construction site injuries

Although construction sites are known for being high-risk areas, it doesn’t excuse negligence or malpractice. If you’re injured while working on a construction site because of your employer’s or another employee’s error or negligence, you are in your right to claim for personal injuries.

You can hire a general personal injury lawyer or a construction accident lawyer. Both types of legal experts will be able to help you formulate a strong case that could win you compensation in a court of law.

Slip and fall injuries

Slips, trips, and falls happen all the time, and most of them are accidents. However, it’s possible to get injured after a slip-and-fall incident that somebody else caused.

For example, if you fall on a slippery floor because the cleaner failed to put a ‘wet floor’ sign out, they could be responsible for your injuries. If your employer fails to fix a loose tile or carpet on the floor and you trip over it and strain a muscle, you could file a personal injury claim against your employer for compensation.