What To Do In A Car Accident

What To Do In A Car Accident

August 25, 2018 Off By Glespynorson

Everyone wants their loved ones to be safe and healthy. So, what they do is find ways to do that. Sometimes it’s by increasing security in their houses or buildings by installing security equipment like cameras. Sometimes it’s by buying stuffs that are sturdy. And sometimes it’s by teaching their loved ones proper ways to do stuff like driving.

However, there can be times when despite doing this stuff, their loved ones can still be harmed by getting into accidents. Accidents are tragic and heartbreaking especially if a friend or family is included.

The thing is, accidents like car accidents can sneak upon you any time without you knowing at all. No one wants a car accident to happen to them or to their family and friends but sometimes it just happens. So what exactly should one do if they get involved in a car accident?

If you’re involved in the accident

If you’re someone who was involved in the car accident, a victim, and is not hurt, check yourself first for any injuries. Afterwards, check if anyone is hurt or injured but don’t move anyone especially if it’s a major car accident. You might accidentally dislocate a bone or worsen the condition of other victims.

If someone needs immediate medical assistance don’t hesitate to call 911 and the ambulance. This could be the one that would make the difference between living and dying especially for people who are severely hurt in the accident.

The next thing to do is if you are allowed by the medical dispatch to move or deemed unhurt or not needing of medical assistance, take pictures of the incident if your phone is still working. This could be used as evidence in the court especially if you’re the aggravated one or the victim. This evidence could greatly help your car accident attorney especially if you decide to purse the case.

If you’re a bystander

If you’re merely someone who managed to witness the accident unfold in front of your eyes, first contact 911 and the other authorities. Don’t rely on the other witnesses to do it for you because they might be doing the same due to the bystander effect. Take initiative this time. Your phone call would decide when the ambulance would arrive with medical assistance

Don’t go to close to the area of accident either. Something might happen the last minute and you don’t need to add up to the casualty.