When Should You Hire an Uber Accident Lawyer?

When Should You Hire an Uber Accident Lawyer?

March 18, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

In the U.S., there are about 1.1 accidents for every 100 million miles traveled on an Uber rideshare. While this may look like a small number, knowing what to do after an Uber accident is still important.

Just as you would with a regular car crash, you’ll need to contact the right attorneys and professionals to handle your case. However, Uber accident cases involve you, the driver, and the company itself.

So when should you hire an Uber accident lawyer? Why is it important to do so?

That’s what we’ll be looking at today. Read on to find out when you should hire an Uber accident attorney and why you’ll benefit from doing so.

Why Hire an Uber Accident Attorney?

You might be asking why you should hire an Uber or rideshare accident attorney in the first place.

Why spend the time and money on an attorney? Why does it have to be an Uber accident attorney?

Many people don’t realize how complicated a rideshare accident case can get. There are more variables to work through, like Uber’s company accident policies and regulations.

As an Uber accident passenger, you have to worry about your own medical bills and getting the right compensation. Keep in mind that Uber has their own insurance policies and their legal teams to deal with situations like these.

Simply put, navigating this case alone will get complicated and might force you to worry about things other than your own health and medical bills.

Uber accident attorneys act as consultants to help you through this process. They’ll look at specific details of your case to give you time to recover.

Make sure you’re hiring Uber accident attorneys and not just any car accident lawyers. Rideshare accident attorneys are experts with rideshare laws and company policies.

When to Hire an Uber Accident Attorney

You should hire an Uber accident attorney immediately after you’re involved in a crash. At the very latest, you should contact a lawyer as soon as you’ve been treated at a hospital.

This is because filing a claim and getting it approved might take a long time. You’ll generally file an accident claim against the Uber driver’s policy.

If the driver’s policy won’t cover all the damages, you might file a claim against the company instead. This is where things might get complicated.

If the claims are approved, you’ll get it in a matter of weeks. If they’re denied, you’ll have to file an appeal.

This is why having an Uber accident attorney from the outset is so important. They can be there at the very beginning to handle things like filing Uber accident claims and making appeals.

What Uber Accident Attorneys Will Do

Uber accident attorneys talk with insurance companies, file suits, make appeals, and help you determine what your claims are worth. They’ll help you navigate the complicated insurance process following an Uber accident.

Let’s discuss what exactly your Uber accident attorney will be doing on your behalf.

Contacting the Insurance Company

Like we mentioned earlier, your claim is usually filed against the Uber driver or Uber’s insurance company if the driver can’t cover it. An appeal must be filed if the claim gets denied.

Claims are denied for a number of reasons, including:

  • An invalid policy
  • Drivers being unlisted on the policy
  • Companies believing that you were at fault
  • The legitimacy of your injury
  • Your history of filing claims

Uber is generally strict about hiring drivers with valid insurance policies. If this goes awry, however, Uber accident attorneys will help you sort out the details.

Filing Suit

To file a suit against the Uber driver, you need to prove that they were negligent. A few things have to be shown for this to happen.

Your attorney will have to show that the Uber driver had a duty of care. This means they were responsible for your protection.

You might have to show that the driver disobeyed traffic laws and jeopardized your safety. You’ll also have to show that you were injured because of the accident.

Determining Value of Compensation

Uber accident attorneys will help you specify the value of your compensation. This goes well beyond just medical expenses.

You might seek lost income since your injuries could’ve kept you from working your day job. You might have lost mobility and weren’t able to perform some of your duties.

A more intangible expense might come from pain and suffering compensation.

The physical pain from your injury might’ve limited your daily activities. Painkillers and other medications could’ve affected your quality of life as well.

Instead of calculating these expenses yourself, Uber accident lawyers can help you narrow down a number for you.

Uber Won’t Be On Your Side

Uber accident attorneys know that Uber won’t always be on your side for accident compensation. Their insured will cooperate, but they generally want to keep costs low.

Victims should be wary of Uber and their insurers asking questions aimed at limiting their settlement offer. Lawyers can help you decode these conversations to make sure you aren’t being manipulated.

An Uber accident attorney can handle all communication between you and Uber’s insurance agents. They’ll know how to negotiate an appropriate price while presenting your case the right way.

These attorneys can sniff out inadequate settlements to make sure you’re being compensated the right amount.

Leverage an Uber Accident Lawyer Today

Just because you had an accident in an Uber, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve compensation. Use this guide to know went to contact an Uber accident lawyer.

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