Why Is Law Considered A Lucrative Field

Why Is Law Considered A Lucrative Field

October 7, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

The legislative, judiciary and the executive are the three branches of government. They are the pillars that support the authority of a sovereign state. Lawyers contribute heavily in maintaining the supremacy of the law. But being a lawyer is merely one specialization in the diverse legal field. There are several career opportunities available for a law graduate as per his/her profession. Many Presidents of the United States had been associated with the law. Among lawyers, we have numerous international leaders and politicians. People seek a legal career, not just for their monetary benefits. Let’s look at some actual reasons that make law such a lucrative field.

Why Should A Person Study Law?

  • Diverse learning opportunities: A lawyer becomes versatile in many different but interrelated fields. The quality of his/her performance depends on an immense learning capacity. Books don’t teach legal practitioners as much as what they learn from work experience. The practice of law allows you to face fresh challenges daily. You need to continually enhance your legal knowledge to be able to confront these challenges.
  • Personal character-building: A legal career provides you multiple character-building opportunities. You learn public dealing, time management, leadership, and teamwork skills. The practice of law helps you transform into a better version of yourself. You learn to handle your clients and make yourself known in the world of Suits.
  • Legal skills are transferrable: Many online pre-law programs offer decent legal education. The skills earned as a law student are easily transferrable to other fields of study. We know that many lawyers enter politics, journalism, and even business. In many countries, lawyers frequently seek careers in HR and marketing. A legal education makes you proficient in reading, researching, reasoning, and other analytical skills.
  • Negotiation and communication: Among all the talents mentioned above, communication is the one lawyers badly need. An effective communicator is never vague but eloquently expressive of his/her concerns. A good communicator can present his/her case with confidence before a jury. The practice of law strengthens a person’s negotiation skills. It teaches you how one exchanges more benefits at a lesser cost. They make simple evidence challenging to counter.
  • Respect for the law: The study of law motivates a person to become a law-abiding citizen. Adhering to the law is one of the fantastic lessons taught in legal schools. This respect encourages people to try correcting the world. Lawyers with a moral constitution strive for the sake of justice and revenge for the victims of prejudice. It makes law a right and highly-esteemed field of study.

Legal Careers For A Law Graduate

Monetary benefits aren’t the only reason why the study of law attracts students. The diversity of career also motivates people to join the legal fraternity. A law student has numerous high-paying legal career options. Here’s a selected list of positions a legal practitioner can acquire:

  • Paralegal: A paralegal performs delegated standard tasks. Paralegals efficiently produce affidavits and regular correspondence. They need to organize legal documents and do work-related research. They help lawyers during trials by keeping all the required information at hand. But these responsibilities vary according to the size of the organization employing the paralegals. These legal assistants make more than $50 thousand each year.
  • Legal Secretary: Legal secretaries don’t receive the kind of responsibility given to a paralegal. But they still need to perform more tasks than a humdrum business secretary. Legal secretaries are there to cooperate with attorneys and paralegals. Better performance allows secretaries to be promoted to paralegals. They earn an average sum of $50 thousand annually.
  • Law clerk: Judicial law clerks assist judges the same way paralegals assist attorneys. It’s a grand entry on your resume if you get this position as a young lawyer. Law clerks organize case files for the judge and do research the same way a paralegal has to do. Their performance heavily influences a judge’s final decision, and they spare the judge the trouble of going through thick case files. Law clerks make more than $50 thousand every year.
  • Arbitrator: Settling disputes with litigation processes can be expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, people try ADR (alternative dispute resolution) to escape litigation. This strategy helps the contending parties keep their argument out of courtrooms. The judicial system permits individuals known as mediators, arbitrators, or conciliators to handle ADR and, they remain neutral and work towards a compromise. This job makes more than $60,000 annually.
  • Legal Editor: A legal editor is responsible for content editing and proofreading its legal documents. No legal document is finalized before the editor gives it a thumbs-up. Legal editors will counter-verify all the facts and statistics mentioned in the draft. They will find inaccuracies and send the document back for rectification and require extensive legal information to revise a legal draft. They can make $27-67 thousand every year.


In 2017, Gallup surveyed many people and asked them which professions they found the most honest. People gave favorable reviews regarding nurses, soldiers, and schoolteachers. But lawyers came alongside lobbyists and bankers as some of the most disliked people in the United States. However, experts believe that this sentiment should be considered envy. People are jealous of advocates and solicitors. The smart, intimidating, and compelling personalities of legal professionals dominate people’s minds. People find legal practitioners to have an overwhelming presence in society. This personality is necessary for lawyers to stand up against oppressors in the name of truth and justice.