3 Proven Law Firm Marketing Strategies

3 Proven Law Firm Marketing Strategies

July 1, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

Just like any business, a law firm needs to attract new clients and customers. However, with hundreds of thousands of law firms in the USA alone, there is a lot of competition to deal with. Whether you practice family law, sports law, commercial law or criminal law, there is sure to be other firms to compete against.

This is where a good marketing strategy comes in. Good marketing can make all the difference and help you propel yourself to the top, above your competition. But with dozens of potential strategies to choose from, which are the best? Well, read on to learn three of the best and most proven law firm marketing strategies.

Create an Outstanding Website

A great website should be one of the first things you do if you are looking to reach more potential clients. The site should look good, load quickly, function well, and be easy to navigate throughout. People have short attention spans and if your site doesn’t load well due to too many pictures or is confusing, people may just click away.

The site should not only have your contact information and information about what you do, but you should also post content to your site. Posting content that people are interested in or find valuable is a great way to bring more eyeballs to your site, and thus, your business.

This content can range from how-to articles, infographics, case studies, videos, FAQs or simply providing entertaining or engaging content that your viewers will love. Be sure to also use proper law firm SEO practices to rank as highly as possible in search engines.

A great example of an incredible website for a law firm is Fresh Legal. Their site loads quickly, is very easy to navigate and clearly highlights who they are, what they do and helps to reassure the visitor. They also regularly post useful content and their site looks good without being too complex.

Use Email Marketing

While it is not the newest or the most exciting marketing strategy, it still remains one of the most effective. Nearly everyone checks their emails daily, and it is a much more passive and acceptable way to reach out to people, in most cases. Most people won’t be too upset about receiving the odd email. Not only that, but email marketing can generally generate a quality ROI, as well.

Be sure to personalize emails, and always give people a reason to open them. Not only should the content of the email provide value, but providing some additional value in the form of a free consultation or a special deal can go a long way.

Building an email list can take some time, and it will need to be maintained, but when it comes to value, email marketing is tough to beat. When It comes to email marketing, there are several proven strategies used by real law firms that are worth checking out.

Be Active on Social Media


With billions of people using social media, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not being active on at least one platform. It is a great way to reach a new audience, and it is also great for finding people who might be able to make use of your services.

Of course, social media is about more than promoting your services and marketing. Just like on your site, your social media feed should be full of helpful links, valuable content and other things your audience wants to see.

The more active you are, and the more popular your page becomes, the more authority you will have in your industry. If you want an example of a law firm who is doing social media right, consider checking out Allen & Overy. They are quite active, always posting relevant and valuable content, and their branded graphics and small pieces of content are great for social media.

In conclusion, these three strategies are great options to consider if you want to reach a larger audience, and get more clients. They are far from the only effective strategies, but are three every firm should certainly be using.