Five Significant Accounting Trends To Watch In 2021

Five Significant Accounting Trends To Watch In 2021

July 2, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

Despite living in ambiguous times, technological progressions are still exceeding in bringing all operative events to the peak of efficiency. These developments have transformed trends across businesses in almost every sector. Accounting has also experienced a positive and uplifting impact in its trends, and some of them are here to stay.

When it comes to why most businesses experience a growth stall, the stagnation of accounting is the first aspect that comes to mind. That said, how enterprises carry out their accounting activities says a thousand words about their decision-making potential and management approaches. However, like everything else, the coronavirus pandemic has caused businesses to reconsider their previous ways and integrate new policies in their accounting operations. Now more than ever, accountants need to step up their game and use new methods while getting familiar with embryonic technology.

To bend away from a business quiescent, paying attention to the upcoming trends in accounting can help organizations experience massive growth in a limited length of time. Here’s a preview of the top six best accounting trends ruling the business world in 2021.

Big Data in Accounting

Big data plays a pivotal role in numerous sectors. Similarly, it fills the same turning role in the accounting industry. Big data provides a helping hand to many firms and companies through expanded assessment methods, with finance and accounting experts working behind the scenes. Skilled individuals identify which collected data are the most treasured and then turn them into valuable insights. That makes it even more crucial to understand the purpose of big data and how it can influence a company’s decision-making.

Keep in mind that competitors are now prioritizing accountants who have extensive knowledge in data science and analytics. That said, if you’re just an average accountant, crunching numbers from the sidelines, you will never be able to identify what’s good for business. Luckily, there’s a solution. Today, many working professionals are opting for eLearning as it enables them to make both ends meet. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning the ropes of modern accounting, go for an online master of accounting. It can boost your need to apprehend high-level operations and gain superior analytical skills to excavate your accounting knowledge. Other than that, you can help your business become more proactive. With the help of big data, you can now focus more on taking control, anticipating problems before they come up, and plan ahead of time.

The role of Artificial Intelligence 

It is high time for businesses to allow their accountants to utilize AI algorithms that enable robots and machines to take routine activities. The repetitive and redundant accounting tasks only consume the precious time of humans. At the same time, AI could rectify calculative errors and enable quicker solutions.

Other than that, it will help in minimizing costs of wastages and eradicate lead time. With this, accounting professionals will have more time to think innovatively and use their analytical insights to make critical choices. Therefore, it is plain to see that artificial intelligence plays a significant role in accounting processes. It gives them a successful boost.

Cloud-Based accounting

Sixty-seven percent of accountants believe that cloud technology can make their work easier. Nothing is false since cloud-based solutions are ideal for project management and effective and problem-free communication.

Furthermore, installing cloud-based ERP accounting systems make it easier for businesses to access their systems anytime, anywhere. They can even track expenses, inventory, budget overflows, and inventory. Another incredible benefit of cloud-based accounting is that it ensures data backup with military-grade encryption that indeed slams a USB stick in the face. Besides that, cloud-based solutions enable you to save time and create a great workflow. Due to these surging benefits, businesses are now religiously incorporating cloud-based technology into their accounting departments.

Automated Accounting

Automated accounting procedures save money, time, and, perhaps more essentially, error. Today, more companies are investing in automated accounting processes, proving to be very profitable for businesses. Beyond that, it also maximizes companies’ skills to make data-driven choices. It enables them to do so faster than ever.


Accounting firms need to understand the existence of blockchain technology now more than ever – for good reasons. Blockchain is already supporting the accounting sector by minimizing the costs of maintaining and reconciling ledgers. It also offers the needed accuracy in terms of history and ownership of assets. With the help of blockchain technology, accountants can gain a more congested approach to their organization’s available resources and restrictions. Blockchain can help turn distributed ledgers into reality, so it needs to be adopted among accounting operations right away.


By now, it is evident that accounting is the heart of any business. It is the one area that can help drive it to new heights, and the trends listed above are no exception. That said, the advancements in technology are generating a lot of change in the world of accounting. That means you can look forward to more efficient and effective accountancy, as well as the ability to make astonishing business decisions based on financial data. Businesses that are not enabling any of these trends in their accounting departments are clearly at wit’s end. Not keeping up with these will slow down their revenue and demote their rank in the market. Hence, developing with time and modifying your accounting processes is key to being successful.