Are There Different Types Of Burn Injuries?

Are There Different Types Of Burn Injuries?

September 19, 2019 Off By Glespynorson

Every year, burn injuries account for about 1.4 million victims in the U.S.  Not only affecting the outer layers of skin, burn injuries can affect every major organ system.  Accidental fires are a well-known for causing burns.  However, burns can occur from steam, scalding liquids, chemicals, electricity, radiation, or contact with any hot item.

Flash burns and burns from flames are two different types of burns.  Hospitalization is often required for flames or electrical burns, whereas flash burns are usually treated as outpatient procedures.  Dealing with a burn immediately can determine how significant the extent of the burn becomes.  How a victim or bystander puts out the flames can also determine whether a burn is first, second, or third degree.

First degree burns are the least damaging only affecting the first layer of skin and can often be treated with cool water and protected with a bandage.  Second degree burns not only affect the top layer of skin, but the layer beneath.  Treatment should not only include cool water covered by a bandage, but a doctor’s visit as well.  Third degree are the most serious and require emergency help as soon as possible.  These types of burns should NOT be soaked with cool water.  Rather, the main goal is to avoid the victim from going into shock.  Third degree burns will leave serious scars or disfigurement.

Who is Liable for Serious Burns?

If someone is the victim of an accidental fire and severely injured, liability often rests with whomever started the fire or was responsible for it getting out of control.  There are many instances of others who are at fault for a fire that leads to injuries.  For example, a corporation may be at fault, especially if the fire occurred in an unsafe workplace, a manufacturer who produces a defective product, or even a landlord who failed to maintain current fire codes.  Ordinary individuals who act negligently can also be liable.

Burn Injuries

Who Can Help Me if Suffer a Serious Burn?

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