Why Do Medical Malpractice Victims Get Pre Settlement Funding?

Why Do Medical Malpractice Victims Get Pre Settlement Funding?

September 19, 2019 Off By Glespynorson

Most, if not all, trust a doctor to better their health. It is their profession, after all. But unfortunately, doctors are only human, and as such, make mistakes, involuntary or otherwise. Such mistakes can be grave and cause more complications than the disease they wanted to treat in the first place.  Adding to that, there may be some legal experts out to minimize whatever claim you can get, machinated by the big insurers in order to minimize potential loss. The complications arising from a medical malpractice can be a devastating struggle.

The Complications of Malpractice


Malpractice can vary in its effects, depending on the gravity of the error. It may range from a single cut right down to graver effects such as organ failure, coma, among others. A simple slip of a scalpel may end up severing a neuron or a blood vessel. Additionally, due to the malpractice, you will find another hospital, with trust in the previous one having been broken. All of that entails another long line expenses, which isn’t the best situation to be in. Adding to that, whatever functions you did, like work or school, would have to be postponed even further, due to the damage caused.

How Can It Be Countered?

Fortunately, there are firms who can offer settlement, before the case even gets rolling. You can get lawsuit settlement funding here, among other places. An average malpractice claim takes about a year and 7 months, and trials involving malpractice averages a sluggish 43 months when it goes the way of the plaintiff. Such periods can be too long, especially when you’re previously a busy person. This is where legal funding groups step in. Despite the connotation of the name, the loan can be used for other purposes, such as medication, daily expenses, among others. They offer a ‘no-win no pay’ clause, which is indeed helpful, given how much the offending hospital can leverage their legal resources to defend a charge, which is disproportioned to how little can the victim can spare.

Dealing with The Aftermath


Whatever the outcome, you must have support from everywhere you can get. Whether be it pursuing a motion for reconsideration or just moving on and hoping it never happens again, you would do well to have a support system out for you. Make sure you have the right persons and resources at your side, no matter what course of action you take.