How Can a Hurricane Damage Lawyer Help You?

How Can a Hurricane Damage Lawyer Help You?

July 27, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

Homeowners are not expected to understand the nuances of an insurance policy claim, especially when it is a complex document like a hurricane damage insurance claim. This claim can be reimbursed in the form of lump-sum disbursement of the repair expenses. Nevertheless, the claims related to property damage must be settled by the insurance company. When you paid premiums regularly to the insurance company, it is essential that when your house suffered damage due to a hurricane, the insurance company should pay for the damage. The property insurance policy that you have purchased protects you financially against such property damage.  So do not contemplate When Do You Need to Hire a Hurricane Damage Lawyer in Miami and get in touch with a reputed legal firm if you are a victim of hurricane damage. You need such a lawyer, especially if you feel that the insurance company denies or delays your claim. Some of the ways that a hurricane damage lawyer can help you are as follows:

Evaluation of Your Claims

The insurance broker sent by the insurance company or any other representative will evaluate the policy and the claims from the company’s perspective. They will try to convince you as the insurance holder that the particular amount being offered is the maximum you can get from the insurance policy. That’s when you get exploited. In that scenario you should hire an expert insurance adjuster who will help you to get the maximum claimed amount possible. However, it is necessary to have the policy document evaluated by a lawyer who will uphold your rights. Evaluation of the insurance policy thoroughly is necessary to ensure that the claims you are filing for, and the insurance company’s amount are matched. If there is any ground for bargaining, it should be done in the presence of a lawyer. The company should also do it in adherence to the policy document. The insurance company cannot withhold any claims if the premiums are updated and the insurance policy records are all as per the law of the State of Miami. Hence, before you accept the offer made by the insurance company, ensure that your lawyer has thoroughly scrutinized your insurance document.

Represents Your Rights

When you hire a hurricane damage lawyer, he will evaluate your insurance policy, identify the exact claims you have, and help you get it from the insurance company. Your attorney will represent you in court if a plea has to be filed and ensure that you receive the claims you deserve. Most homeowners in places like Miami, which receives hurricanes for a good part of the year, purchase home insurance to protect themselves financially against hurricane damage. Hurricanes are usually classified as natural disasters, and hence, you need to purchase adequate home insurance to protect your house against any property damage.  If you have purchased the necessary insurance policy and your premiums are up to date, then the insurance company is bound to settle your claims. However, suppose the company is underpaying or denying your claims. In that case, you need to approach a hurricane damage lawyer who will represent your rights and discuss your claims on your behalf with the insurance company.

Evaluation of the Damage

When it comes to paying the policyholders, most insurance companies avoid paying the claims, citing that the damage was already there. Pre-existing damage is one most commonly used excuses that insurance companies provide to the policyholders to avoid paying the requisite claims. In such a scenario, you need a lawyer who will evaluate the damage and categorically prove that the recent hurricane has caused the damage. For example, when you contact a Hurricane Damage Attorney in Miami from the Louis Law Group website, he will have home inspectors visit your property to check the damage caused by the hurricane. Inspection and evaluation of the damage are necessary to identify if it is pre-existing damage or caused recently. If the damage has been caused recently and by a hurricane, then the insurance company is liable to pay for the repair and all the additional expenses you have to bear to make your house livable. An insurance company representative will do his best to prove that the damage was caused by things other than a hurricane. Else he will try to prove that the damage was already there before the hurricane arrived. The hurricane only made the damage worse to avoid paying the maximum claim. But your attorney will ensure that such a claim is not upheld in court and you receive the claim you deserve.

Preventing Underpaying and Denial of Payment

Insurance companies often use various methods to avoid paying the entire claim amount. This can be considered under-payment of the claim amount or even denial of payment of the total amount. Some of the methods that they adopt to avoid paying the total amount can be mentioning that extensive repairs are unnecessary. Insurance companies can ask for unnecessary paperwork to delay the filing of claims so that you miss the deadline. The company often uses such methods to underpay or completely deny the payment of insurance claims. As a regular homeowner, it might be difficult for you to evaluate all of these factors, and you will need a lawyer to help you with these. Your lawyer will ensure that the documents are all filed at the right time. He will also argue regarding the necessity of certain documents for the filing of insurance claims. With the help of a hurricane damage lawyer, you will get the maximum amount of money as an insurance claim and prevent underpayment or denial of insurance claim payment.

Therefore, if you live in Miami and if your house has been damaged by a hurricane recently, then the first thing you should do is get in touch with an attorney specializing in hurricane damage. He will evaluate your policy and the claims that you can raise. He will also negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. He should negotiate on your behalf as he can convince the insurance company’s representatives better than a layperson. Moreover, a lawyer will be able to uphold your rights better and take your case to court if deemed necessary.  Learn more about Louis Law Group, a Florida Hurricane Damage law firm, via this Haiti Open Magazine business profile.