How To Stand Up To Your Workplace Bully?

How To Stand Up To Your Workplace Bully?

April 30, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

Remember the time when you had a bully at school who used to take your lunch money and beat you at every chance he got? Yes, we all remember that kid who made our life miserable at school. Guess what? Bullies don’t change; they adapt to new surroundings. The bully has evolved through college, joined a frat group, and now has entered the workplace. But over the years, his rowdy behavior has only improved. He now knows he can’t bully people as he used to. He has changed his tactics. Now he hides his dominating tactics well. But he still dominates and creates a toxic environment in the workplace.

But just because he is still a man-child doesn’t mean you have to be his victim too. These bullies need to be stopped, and you are going to do it. You will learn to stand up for yourself and not be a victim anymore. Here are ways to tackle a toxic workplace environment and not be a victim.

Be Objective: At times, we are too much in our heads to make the right decision. We can’t see the picture from an objective point of view. If you are doing that, you are making a big mistake. We often don’t like someone in the office, be it our boss, a colleague or the handyman coming to fix things up. If you don’t like someone, it is easier to be prejudiced against that person. A simple comment from him might infuriate you. So, before you cause a scene, try to assess the situation from a neutral perspective.

Talk To Your Colleagues: If you find that someone is being disrespectful to you on a regular basis, it is time to talk to your co-workers and gather evidence. Does he talk to others in the same tone or manner? Or is it just you? If it is just you, does he do it in front of others? These are important questions, and you need to find a way to get the answers. Once you talk to others about the problem will give you a clearer perspective on the situation.

Recognize Workplace Discrimination: There is no reason for you to take discrimination lying down. You have worked hard to get to the place you are at. You are strong and capable of holding the position you have in this company. If you are discriminated against on the basis of your gender, race or sexual preferences, you need to raise your voice.

  • Co-workers making lewd comments on your appearance and making fun of you regularly can be seen as workplace discrimination.
  • Receiving a lower salary for the same post due to your race, ethnicity or gender is workplace discrimination.
  • There are subtle forms of discrimination, such as when a heterosexual employee does not get a promotion for socializing with gay colleagues at work.

There are lots of unwritten rules that you don’t know about. So, if the authority discriminates against you, let it be known.

Seek Legal Help: When you think the HR and the company are not taking any actions, you may want to seek legal action. Look for employment discrimination lawyers in California and let them take over. The experienced lawyers know how to move forward with your case to provide you with the justice you deserve.