The Effectiveness of Different Forms of CBD Products for Insomnia: Edibles, Capsules, Tinctures, Etc.

The Effectiveness of Different Forms of CBD Products for Insomnia: Edibles, Capsules, Tinctures, Etc.

May 3, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

Studies show a vast range of strategies to help the quality of your sleep, such as avoiding alcohol in the evening, maintaining darker bedrooms, and working out. But today, many manufacturers are marketing products with Cannabidiol, a unique ingredient that helps you sleep well. You’ll find CBD in almost everything from lattes and lotions to massage oils. While the effects of this element vary from one person to another, research shows that Cannabidiol has a calming impact on users. Refer to this article if you want to learn more about CBD for insomnia. It contains solid information on how to use it and some side effects.

Estimates show that humans have been cultivating the weed plant since 4,000 B.C. Hemp is a weed plant with high CBD and low THC levels. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a chemical compound that gives users a “high” in cannabis plants. Unlike Hemp, the psychoactive cousin Marijuana has high THC levels and reduced CBD levels, giving it, fewer uses than Hemp. Some hemp uses include making rope, protein powders, insulations, cooking oils, and other products.

CBD Forms

Humans use CBD in multiple ways. Some of them are sublingual, inhalation, transdermal, digestive, intranasal, and topical. Your chosen method directly affects how fast cannabidiol enters your body and how strong the effects are. Here is a list of products available out there:

  • Mouth and nasal sprays;
  • Sprays, oils, and tinctures;
  • Capsules and pills;
  • CBD juice for vapes and vape pens;
  • Topical lotions, oils, bath bombs, and patches;
  • Gummies, beverages, and other edibles;
  • Transdermal patches.

The FDA doesn’t regulate Cannabidiol, and it might be challenging to know if your item contains the dosage displayed on the package. A study of some products sold online showed that over 25% contained less CBD. Some things claimed to be THC-free had THC, which might be dangerous to kids if accidentally taken.

If you purchase a CBD item, check for labels indicating whether the product contains full or broad-spectrum CBD. You also need to check the item’s available ingredients and CBD levels. If the package is labeled full-spectrum CBD, it contains traces of THC and other compounds found naturally in the weed plant. If you’re buying a CBD product, it’s essential to know that it might be formulated with other ingredients that help promote healthy sleep, such as melatonin and Levander. Ensure that you’re not allergic to any ingredient in the product you’re buying.

How Different CBD Products Compare

It is a very effective remedy if you’re dealing with insomnia. One of the reasons for its rise in popularity is that it offers therapeutic and medicinal benefits without any psychoactive effects. We’ve discussed how effective CBD is in treating insomnia in different forms.

CBD Oils and Tinctures

The two are usually sold in bottles ranging from 1-4 ounces. Each bottle comes with a drop labeled compounds, typically at 0.25ml intervals. Applying CBD oils under your tongue might make you feel its effects faster than other Cannabis forms. Moreover, more amounts are absorbed into your bloodstream through sublingual use than through other methods.

According to Experts, Oils and tinctures might be less convenient to take than gummies, edibles, and capsules because the user might spill the fluid, and users need to be careful with the dosage in the dropper to avoid taking less or more. However, tinctures might come with more flexible ways to use.


Gummies and Other Edibles

CBD-infused edibles such as cookies, candies, brownies, and other beverages or food are fantastic ways to deal with sleep issues. The downside is they don’t work as fast as tinctures and oils. You must wait for edibles to be processed in your belly when you take them. Besides a delay before you begin to feel the effects, fewer amounts enter your bloodstream.

Pills and Capsules

You can take CBD in oral form or pill/capsule form. Like edibles, when you swallow capsules, there is a delay in the onset of CBD effects since the digestive system has to process them.

Creams, Lotions, And Other Topicals

With these products, only a tiny amount enters your bloodstream, meaning users can avoid side effects such as lethargy and diarrhea. If you’re seeking relief for non-skin problems such as anxiety or insomnia, you will benefit significantly from reduced CBD in your bloodstream.

Smoking Flower and Vapes

CBD vapes to treat insomnia comes in small refillable or pre-filled pens where you administer CBD oil via inhalation. Some people also smoke-dried flowers from the weed plant. Taking cannabis via smoke inhalation or vaping brings a quick onset of effects and faster CBD absorption in your bloodstream.

The downside is smoking, and vaping have a theoretical risk of lung damage. It’s also hard to control dosage. Moreover, they also risk inhaling unwanted compounds such as heavy metals, Vitamin E Acetate, or other solvents and compounds used to make vape juice. Some of these elements can lead to severe systemic or pulmonary health effects.

Ultimately, the best product for insomnia is between you and your doctor. CBD is an awes alternative to prescription sleep drugs because of the low toxicity levels of CBD products. It is a wise option for anyone seeking to enhance restorative rest’s quantity and quality.

Are There Side Effects and Risks of Using CBD Products?

Although research is still ongoing on the long-term effects of CBD, reports show that side effects are mild. One study looked at individuals who consumed 1,500mg each day. It was reported that some common side effects included diarrhea, tiredness, and changes in appetite.

A Mayo Clinic report suggests that users might experience drowsiness and dry mouth. The severity of these side effects might depend on the amount of CBD the user has taken and if you’ve mixed CBD with other drugs. Talking to a health practitioner before you begin using CBD is essential.

Alternative Natural Remedies to Help with Sleep Problems

While most individuals might find CBD effective in relieving insomnia, not everyone can say the same.

Below are other natural ways of treating insomnia:

  • Work on your sleep hygiene: Changing certain sleep habits might help individuals with short-term insomnia. Things like having a comfortable mattress, exercising, not taking electric gadgets to the bedroom, having a good pattern, and avoiding beverages with caffeine have proven helpful.
  • Taking certain natural supplements:Supplements such as melatonin help deal with sleep problems. Your body makes this hormone naturally to help you sleep.
  • CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy): Talking to a professional might help with chronic insomnia.


CBD is an incredible treatment option for insomnia. Although research is preliminary, the available data shows that it helps people get relief from most sleep issues. One of the main advantages of taking cannabinol is it only comes with minor side effects compared to pharmaceutical medications that might come with severe long-term risks. The oil is a popular and common choice for individuals struggling with sleep issues such as insomnia, anxiety, and stress-related disorders that might affect the quality of your sleep.

Tia Moskalenko wrote this article. Tia is a passionate cannabis and health writer for AskGrowers. She aims to educate her readers to care for their physical and mental health through facts-based and well-written articles.