Most 5 Common Causes Of Auto Accidents & How To Prevent Them

Most 5 Common Causes Of Auto Accidents & How To Prevent Them

April 23, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Car accidents in California are unfortunately very common and most of those road accidents are caused by human error. While some are relatively major, those horrible car crashes take thousands of lives each year.

If you drive in an unsafe manner your life may be at risk, driving carefully and following all traffic laws is very important. Just because you’re careful, however, doesn’t mean you can assure all other drivers on the road will do the same. If you are in a car crash, this may not be your fault and you should not be held liable for the damages caused by other drivers’ ignorance or mistakes.

You should consider protecting yourself in such cases by filing a claim for an accident involving a car. There are so many damages, pains and frustrations that may occur as a result of a car accident, and above all it is best to guard your life.

While a San Fernando Valley & Encino Personal injury attorneys can help prove your innocence after a crash, first your primary goal should be to prevent an accident. Familiarizing yourself with the most common causes of automobile crashes is essential to ensure that you play your part in not causing one. Key causes of road accidents are as follows:

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Distracted Driving:

Distracted driving has always been a leading cause of road accidents, but it has only got worse as new distraction triggers such as smartphones have proliferated. Driving past someone on the highway who drives while scrolling down an app feed on their phone isn’t uncommon anymore. The danger of distracted driving is that the more you do it, and seem to get away with it, the more the habit becomes entrenched.

Eventually, one will feel they have mastered the art of multitasking and will be able to call, write, eat, read and groom behind the wheel, at will.

If you have to do something before you arrive at your destination, take a safe place to pull over to the side of the road, then proceed when done.

Driving Under The Influence:

One of the horrible paths to a road crash is drunk driving. It is the most common cause of DUI cases but cocaine, heroin, marijuana, prescription pills and other drugs have also caused many terrible accidents.

Never drive after taking any drug. If you’re away from home while you’re intoxicated, call a friend, take a taxi or look for somewhere to stay, like a motel, to regain your sobriety. Drunk driving may sound fun, but it’s not just your life but that of other road users that is a real gamble.


Speeding isn’t just something associated with over-excited teens who just got their driver’s license. Many people press the pedal to the metal every day, because they run late for work or rush to the emergency scene. The result is death or serious injury caused by car accidents including whiplash and concussions. Here is everything you need to know about whiplash vs. a concussion.

Even if the reason for speed seems legitimate, the fact is that the faster your vehicle is moving, the less control you have over it when you are running into an unexpected road situation. Stay within the legal limits not only because you want to avoid getting a speeding ticket but also because the safety of you and other road users is in the best interest.

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Reckless Driving:

Changing lanes too fast, speeding well beyond the limit and acting aggressively on the roads can result in horrible accidents. To avoid needless accidents caused by simple carelessness, it’s important to take your time and stay calm while driving.

Poor Weather Conditions:

Extremely dangerous are dense fog, heavy rain, high winds and icy roads, especially if you are not used to driving in such conditions. If, in bad weather, you ever feel unsafe or unconfident driving, pull it over and wait if you can, use public transit or stay indoors.

How To Prevent Them?

Please drive attentively and cautiously but note that even though you’re a cautious driver, you can share the road with people who aren’t. Maintain a pace close to that of other cars on the road and a large subsequent gap behind the vehicles before you. When you need to take a call, send a text message, or change your GPS settings, just pull it over. If you get into a car accident, there are also precautions that you can take to ensure both your safety and your future case.

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