Need a Lawyer to Fight Your Legal Battle? Here’s How to Find One

Need a Lawyer to Fight Your Legal Battle? Here’s How to Find One

September 1, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

You have a huge legal battle in front of you and you’ve decided to seek the help of a lawyer. The big challenge is how to find one? This article will provide advice on what to look out for before selecting a lawyer, we will list the questions you can use as a guide in your first consultation with a prospective lawyer. If you do your research well, you will hire a lawyer with the right expertise and experience to handle your case.

Before Choosing A Lawyer, What Should You Look Out For?

The reality is you are looking for a lawyer to resolve your issues, so the first indicator is to make sure you feel comfortable with the idea of telling him or her your problem, completely and honestly. Will you be able to disclose all the facts needed to solve your problem? The truth is no amount of reading or listening to prospects will guarantee that the lawyer you have selected is right for you, that’s an act of discernment you’ll have to do yourself. Murphy’s Law firm has special guides to help you in your search journey as well.

Practical Considerations 

A lawyer’s area of specialization and previous experience is important. Most countries have specialization programs that verify lawyers as experts in various types of law. Some legal practitioners have gone as far as to create their certification programs, like the National Elder Law Foundation and the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils. It’s important to also enquire about the different kinds of cases your lawyer usually handles.

Assess the lawyer’s history of cases, for example, break it down like this, 50 percent divorce cases, 25 percent “other” and 25 percent personal injury. Bear in mind that a majority of lawyers are not certified in niche fields, however, that does not mean a prospective lawyer is not fit to handle your matter. You may also want to consider the convenience of accessing the lawyer’s office based on where it is located, ask about how the fees are charged and the how he case may take.

Where To Begin Your Search For A Lawyer?

You can use many avenues to find a trustworthy lawyer, the best way to go about is it is to find a recommendation from a loyal friend, relative or credible business associate. Be mindful that cases are different, a lawyer that worked well for someone else may not work for you.


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Adverts are useful in some situations. However always exercise caution, don’t believe all the things you hear and read, the same rule applies to advertisements. Different advertising platforms like, the telephone directory, radio, TV, Newspaper, online ads, and even direct mail, can make you aware of lawyers who may be suitable for your legal needs. Some adverts will showcase the lawyer’s area of specialization. While other advertisements will display a price range for taking care of specified “simple” cases. Bear in mind that your legal matter may not need a straightforward solution. If a legal practitioner quotes a fee, make sure you’re aware of the expenses and services included and not included in the charge.

Consider A Local Referral Service

In your search, you will find that most communities have services that help people find lawyers through referrals, it’s possible to find them under “Lawyers Referral Service” under a section in your yellow pages. Quite often these services suggest a lawyer in your area that can evaluate the state of your affairs. Many service providers give aid to groups with special characteristics, like people with disabilities, the elderly, immigrants, and victims of violence in a domestic setting.

According to specific specializations in law, bar associations in almost every community can make referrals. This will help you find a lawyer with the correct experience in case types that are similar to your legal problem. A number of these referral services require competency measures for lawyers who want referrals from that specified area of law. You’re able to locate a bar association locally by looking under the section “community” in the phone book’s white pages.


Even if you go this route in your search, it’s not guaranteed that you will find the correct lawyer to handle your case. Some referral services take lawyers into their databases without taking into consideration their experience level or specialization area. That said you may want to use a lawyer referral service that participates in a reputable certification program that uses a logo to single out a referral program that complies with quality standards previously outlined

Still, these services are not a surefire way to find the best lawyer or the right lawyer for you. Some services make referrals without concern for the lawyer’s type or level of experience. You may want to seek out a lawyer referral service that participates in the American Bar Association-sponsored certification program, which uses a logo to identify lawyer referral programs that comply with certain quality standards developed by the ABA.