What Does Jewellery Insurance Cover?

What Does Jewellery Insurance Cover?

September 1, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

Specifically designed for jewellery, jewellery insurance may be a specialized policy. With tailored insurance, you’ll protect your valuable jewellery even as you’d your car or yourself while traveling.

Insured jewelry provides benefits tailored to make sure that jewelry is treated appropriately within the event it’s lost, stolen, or damaged. Contrary to some home and contents insurance policies, jewellery insurance will cover your valuables once they are worn a day.

You don’t have to add expensive extra coverage to your travel insurance if you’ve got a jewelry policy from Q Report. By covering your jewellery overseas, we prevent money. We’ll discuss home and contents insurance later during this guide, also as travel and jewellery insurance.

Benefits of Jewellery Insurance

  • Jewelry insurance benefits vary consistent with which policy you decide for, but you’ll get general coverage even while traveling overseas with most policies.
  • We, as a specialist jewellery insurer, offer a variety of advantages , including:
  • Replacing or repairing your jewels at your jeweler of choice is an option
  • An agreed value policy
  • Free annual revaluation
  • The limit of coverage is 125%
  • There is a coffee fixed more than $100
  • You can see why thousands of Australians trust trusted providers like Q report back to protect their cherished jewellery by comparing these benefits with a basic home and contents policy.
  • What does it do?
  • A jewelry policy may differ from a general policy . The Q Report jewellery cover features a few unique aspects.
  • Policy on agreed values


Insurance for your jewellery and engagement ring - Admiral

We’ll pay the complete insured amount on your policy (less the $100 excess) within the event of an approved claim under an ‘Agreed Value’ policy. once they can replace your item for fewer than the stated amount, some policies won’t pay the complete amount shown on your policy. We are committed to providing the worth agreed to once you choose the Q Report.

Jewellery Insurance: the Way to Catch On

Before you allow the shop, you’ll invite a Q Report jewellery policy if you buy jewellery from a Q Certified Jeweller. it’s this step that ensures the protection of your prized possession before it even reaches the road .

Our website also offers a moment jewellery insurance quote, which you’ll manage online.


You can be assured that the worth of your insured items will sustain adequately for the subsequent year by revaluing them per annum with a Q Report policy at no charge.

Making a Claim

A specialist jewellery insurance provider’s level of service is one among the most important perks of protecting your jewellery with comprehensive coverage.

Because we all know how upsetting it is often to possess your jewellery stolen, lost, or damaged, our Claims Team goes above and beyond to resolve your case quickly and sympathetically.

In the event that something goes wrong together with your jewellery, all you would like to try to do is get in-tuned and we’ll answer your questions. If you’ve got a Q Classic policy that covers up to 125% of the agreed value of your jewellery, you’ll return to your original jeweller for repairs or replacement. you’ll hear Anne’s account of her experience filing her claim with Q Report here: