What Does the Law Say About Dog Bites?

What Does the Law Say About Dog Bites?

July 23, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

No matter what breed of dog you own, miniature or large, dogs can sometimes be your best friend, but they are still considered as dangerous animals. Dogs can be unreliable at times and can even attack the owners. However, this is one of the rare cases, but entrusting an animal truly might not be a great idea.

Unfortunately, such a situation as a dog bite is quite common. The law regards a dog attack as a consequence of the negligence of its owner and blames the dog owner for such accidents. Under specific legislation, dog attacks on someone are prohibited. So, dogs must be locked or restricted in a particular area to avoid unnecessary attacks and bites cases. Also, dog owners must be strict enough to keep the dogs under control and not let them attack anyone. However, if it has already happened and someone is dog-bitten or attacked, the best way is to turn to a specialist and reach out to someone like the dog bite attorney in New Jersey who knows his business and can provide you with a consultation and get the cases resolved within a few hours.

And now let’s talk about what laws have to say about dog bites.

The “One Rule Bite” Apply After a Dog Bite

Many states and countries are vigorously following the one-bite rule. This means the victim can have a one-free dog bite before the dog owner has to face legal authorities. However, this doesn’t mean that the dog has absolute right over attacking someone ferociously. This case usually applies when the dog owner is unaware of the situation and doesn’t expect the dog to do such acts.

In other cases, if the owner is negligent, knows about the dog’s wildness, and his pet has attacked someone again, then the victim has an exclusive right to sue the dog owner. Provided that, the victim comes with all the proof, evidence and should tell the court if the dog owner applied preventive measures or not.

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What About Criminal Liability

Under the “Dangerous Dogs Law,” if someone was bitten or attacked by a dog, the owner is asked to follow special preventive measures to avert dog bites further. If the injury moves towards a serious condition, the dog may be euthanized, or the dog owner has to deal with criminal penalties.

In those cases where the dog has killed someone blatantly, the dog owner is ordered to be blamed for manslaughter and similar.

Consider Speaking to a Lawyer

Whether you are the dog’s owner or a dog has bitten you, approaching a lawyer and talking about the matter can be a great way to resolve a crisis. Explain the situation and ask for the best advice to prevent the worst-case scenario.

If the personal injury attorney has declared your pet is dangerous, you may consult an animal law attorney to escape a bad outcome. If the situation goes out of control, consider talking to a criminal defense lawyer to protect and defend your rights.


Strict liability would apply to the dog owner if the dog was unlawfully fooling around without permission on someone else’s property. You can file the case based on negligence. Exceptions for strict liability would be given to those dog owners if the victims were partially at fault or provoked the dog to act.