Where And How You Can Now Gamble In Ukraine

Where And How You Can Now Gamble In Ukraine

October 6, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

In 2020, casinos were legalized in Ukraine. That means that casinos, slot halls and bookmakers will start opening soon. Let’s figure out how everything will be.

You can play in the gaming zones. What is a play area? This is the territory of five-star hotels with 150 and more rooms for the capital. In other cities, the requirements are simpler: 4-5-star hotels with 100 rooms. The play area can also be the territory of suburban recreation complexes with an area of at least 10 thousand square meters with a 5-star hotel. There can be no more than 5 such zones in the country.

What about slot halls? They were treated more loyally. Probably, the Law developers remember the times when there were several smoky halls near each supermarket, past which it was difficult for gamblers to pass. Alas, slot machines can even be located in three-star hotels.

From Where The Gambling Business Money Will Come To The Budget?

The state will earn money from the sale of licenses and deductions from the gross income of gambling establishments. At the same time, in the first year after the casinos legalization in Ukraine, the state budget is expected to replenish according to various estimates in the amount of 3 to 5 billion hryvnia.

Monitoring Compliance With Legal Requirements For Casinos Legalization In Ukraine

The Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries has been appointed as the body of state regulation and conduct of gambling. It must be created no later than 2 months after the signing of the law.

Licensing Of Gambling In Ukraine

As a result of the gambling legalization in Ukraine, 11 types of licenses have appeared: for casinos, slot machine halls, bookmakers, poker rooms, online units, for a gaming table, a slot machine and an investment license. Permits are issued by the Commission for a period of 5 years with the possibility of early cancellation.

There are some nuances with the procedure for confirming payment for a license. The procedure is described in the law in two ways: in order to obtain a permit, you need to submit to the commission confirmation of payment for the first year of the license. In this case, payment is made no later than 10 working days from the date of receipt by the applicant of the message about the decision to issue a license. This controversial procedure gives the Commission the tools to manipulate and favor selected license applicants. This is just the opinion that we decided to express.

Who will benefit from legalization of gambling business in Ukraine — UNIAN

On the basis of one license to conduct gambling, only one unit can operate. The gambling operator is obliged to put together the decision on issuing a license with information about the date and number of the decision, as well as the terms of the license, in the available for players. In addition, players and visitors to the establishment should be able to familiarize themselves with the rules of the establishment, which say about possible losses and loss of funds.

Certification Of Gaming Equipment In Accordance With The Law On The Legalization Of Gambling

It is prohibited for casino establishments and slot machine halls to use non-certified gaming equipment, as well as equipment that is not connected to Online Monitoring.

It turns out that all gaming equipment must be certified, and only then will players be able to access it. A certificate of conformity to standards can be issued by both a Ukrainian certification body and a foreign body accredited in Ukraine.

Responsible Gaming

The law on the gambling legalization in Ukraine provides for the protection of the rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens, the creation of playing conditions that are the same for all players, ensuring the principle of responsible gambling, as well as observing transparency, openness and fairness during gambling. According to the law, the results of gambling cannot be influenced by external influences. In addition, the law provides for the fight against gambling addiction.

This practice is accepted in many countries. And licensed gambling complexes around the world have long supported it. For example, all Michael Boettcher’s Shangri La units by Storm International operate according to the program of Responsible Gaming.

What actions will be taken to prevent the development of addiction in players? First of all, the organizer of gambling must ensure the identification of the player in order to make sure that he/she has reached the age of 21 and is not included in the Register of persons who are prohibited from visiting a gambling establishment.

The Opinion Of Gambling Professionals

How do gambling organizers react to innovations? The leadership of the bookmaker Pari-Match spoke with great optimism about the Law. According to representatives of one of the leaders in the sports betting market, the company is already ready to start the legalization process. CEO of Storm International, Darren Keane also expressed interest in working on the Ukrainian market.

International companies believe that the legalization of casinos in Ukraine is a step towards a progressive world, where no one is condemned for playing slot machines. Moreover, gambling exists – legally or in the shadows, as it was before. So let the gambling business benefit by filling the budget and creating new jobs. Many Ukrainian employees working for Shangri La, Darren Keane stressed, would gladly return to Ukraine to work closer to home.